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Canal du Midi

The Canal du Midi and the Canal de la Robine. Undertaken by Pierre-Paul Riquet in the 17th century, to link the Atlantic to the Mediterranean, it crosses the Aude river from West to East over a distance of more than 100km.

The Canal du Midi runs 240 km and is filled by a complicated system of feeder canals and reservoirs. It includes surviving examples of the earliest inventions related to hydraulic engineering and associated construction works. Thanks to some 350 such works (bridges, locks, aqueducts, overflow outlets), a number of which have never been altered since their first construction and the towpath with 300 year old trees, the Canal du Midi was included by UNESCO in December 1996 on its World Heritage List.

Gouffre Geant de Cabrespine.
'Les Balcons du Diable' Outstanding cave of national renown in the Montagne Noire.
Grotte de Limousis. Made up of eight chambers and a succession of five thickly coated stalagmite barriers.
Grotte de l'Aguzou. A visit of doscovery through the richly concretized halls and galleries.
Lac de Montbel
In the foothills of the Pyrenees this grand lake offers sensational walking, swimming and sailing, as well as a passenger boat that provides tours around the key access points and wildlife sites.
 Gorge on the river Cesse
 Saint Georges gorge
 Galamus gorge
 Gorge at La Clamoux
 Gorge on the Orbieu river
 Rebenty gorge
 Frau gorge
 Gouffre de l'Oeil Doux
 Defile de la Pier Lys
Lac de la Cavayere
Also known as 'Carcassonne Plage' this picturesqu lake and park provides sandy beaches, picnic areas, crazy golf and volyball all accessible via a broad path that circumnavigates the lake.
La Ganguise
Home of the 'French Sailing School' this lake offers boat hire and sailing tuition throughout the season.
Lakes and Reservoirs
 Lac de Montbel
 La Ganguise
 Lac du Lampy
 Lac de Saint Ferreol
 Lac des Cammazes
 Lac de la Cavayere
 Lac de Belcaire
 Lac de Camurac
 Lac de Laprade
In the upper valley of the Aude there are spas at Alet-les-Bains and Rennes-les-Bains that provide thermal cures and fitness programmes.

To the south, in the Pyrenees. The Pine Route winds through the forests of the Callong, Picaussel, Puivert, Fanges and Comefroide.
To the north the forests of Ramondens and Loubatiere in the Montagne Noir.


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